Mission Display Kits

Missions Display Kits and Bulletin Board Kits should be returned within the reserved dates.  All Mission Display Kits are shipped within 3-5 business days via priority mail large flat rate boxes. The cost for one-way domestic shipping from anywhere within the United States is $15.45. Missions Display Kits and Bulletin Board Kits must be returned within 30 days.

All Missions Display Kits should be returned to:

WELS Missions
Missions Display Kit Reservations
2929 N. Mayfair Road
Milwaukee, WI 53222

Mission Kit Reservations

Five Simple Steps
1.View available kits.
2.Reserve kit(s).
3.Choose gift offering for mailing expenses.
4.Enjoy use of kit to promote WELS Missions.
5.Return kit(s) within 30 days.